Virtual Backstage Pass Video 3

This was a hard story to tell! My first solo album, Out of Time, was recorded over the course of a year in 1986 and 1987. One detail I leave out of the video is that I hired Fred Catero to mix the album. He came in and spent about an hour, then told me that he didn’t think I needed him to mix it, he thought it sounded great and that I should just finish mixing it.

As of this writing, Fred is alive and well in San Carlos, California. He is 89 years old. In his retirement he keeps busy restoring old radio programs.

I also wanted a picture of Paul Jaulus. While scouring the Internet, I found that he is still alive at 95 years old and living in the same house in San Francisco. I managed to find an archived photo of him from a 1968 issue of Billboard. That was nearly 20 years before I met him.