I am a musician, composer and audiobook narrator and author. Much of my career has been spent creating music for advertising, or jingles. I have never liked being confined to a single genre, so my music spans several styles, including New Age, pop, children’s music and thematic music for my audiobooks.

My New Age/ Pop music is a blend of solo piano and vocal music with light orchestrations and celestial voices. My songs are characterized by simple melodies that are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere with ethereal, ghostly and sometimes romantic nuances.

My children’s music features fun, catchy tunes that kids love to sing along with.

I recently published a book. You can see details below.

The House on the Corner

Several years ago I got an idea. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I kept thinking about it and jotting down notes. This went on for several years. Finally, I wrote up about thirty pages of my idea and asked my wife to read it and tell me if I should continue with it. After reading it, she thought that I should continue. 

Read more about the book and where to order it on my book page.



Do you need a break? We’re often so wrapped up in the pressures of everyday life that sometimes we don’t realize that we need to take some time to relax. For me. Music is all about relaxing. With the exception of A New Star Appeared (which is a Christmas album) the albums below are designed for relaxing.


Children’s E-Books

My daughter, Cheyenne, narrates our children’s e-books. We currently have two with more coming soon. Let’s Go Out and Play features a song that Cheyenne wrote. That song prompted the idea to incorporate songs into children’s e-books.

Check out our children’s e-books here.

Children’s Music

Coming Soon