The House on the Corner

The House on the Corner

With time travel, you can never be sure what came first. Are the events you’re experiencing original or have they been altered by time travel. The house on the corner was built in 1920, but despite its Victorian architecture it had a futuristic feel to it. Was the house designed in 1920, or did the design come from the future? With time travel, it’s hard to tell.

Jake Holman grew up in the house on the corner – a house he thought was haunted. But when his quiet life gets turned upside down by a time-traveling psychopath who threatens his family and puts his entire existence in jeopardy, Jake discovers there’s a lot more happening in the house than supernatural events.

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About this Book

There is a house on the corner of the entrance to my neighborhood. A family with several small children had been living there but had moved out. About a year after the family moved out, I was driving home one afternoon and saw young children playing in front of the house. A shiver went down my spine as I suddenly thought, ‘what if I was somehow transported back in time and this was the family that had lived there before?’

It was a simple thought and any normal person would have forgot about it and moved on with their life. Not me! I kept thinking about that scenario and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it could be the basis of a great story.

Several years went by and I finally decided to work on the idea and see if it was worth developing. I wrote about thirty pages that are now encompassed in chapter three of the book. I asked my wife to read it and tell me if it was worth developing. After reading it, she thought it was worth developing more. Several years later, the book was done.