Dreamscape was released March 21, 2019. The album came about because of some health problems I had been experiencing. I was originally experimenting with ambient music, looking for ways to relax. I created a 10-minute ambient track to help me relax and go to sleep at night. This ambient track became the inspiration to create an album based around sleep. All of the songs depict either a nighttime event or a stage of sleep, ending with the concept of waking up in the morning.

  1. 1. Dreamscape
  2. 2. Simplicity
  3. 3. Aerial Ballet
  4. 4. Sunset
  5. 5. Carried Away
  6. 6. Chill
  7. 7. Nocturne
  8. 8. REM
  9. 9. Suspended Reality
  10. 10. Soaking Up the Sun