Here are some of my favorite jingles I’ve written and produced. If you read my email about Jingles, I talked about my first experience writing and producing a Jingle for a ticket agency called, STBS. The Valley Furniture Jingle on the playlist was originally the STBS Jingle. I reworked it for Valley Furniture.

Writing lyrics for Jingles can be challenging. Sometimes the sales message the advertiser wants to cram into the lyrics sounds really stupid. These, however, are some that the business owners didn’t ruin.

2 J’s Auto
  1. 1. 2 J’s Auto
  2. 2. Apache Gold Casino
  3. 3. Craven Jewelers
  4. 4. Daikin Pest Control
  5. 5. Fredrick’s Formalwear
  6. 6. Mountain Mobile Auto Glass
  7. 7. Premiere Dry Cleaning
  8. 8. Valley Furniture