Dreamscape was released March 21, 2019. The album came about because of some health problems I had been experiencing. I was originally experimenting with ambient music, looking for ways to relax. I created a 10 minute ambient track to help me relax and go to sleep at night. This ambient track became the inspiration to create an album based around sleep. All of the songs depict either a night time event or a stage of sleep, ending with the concept of waking up in the morning.

Note: This album is not yet available anywhere but on this website. I am offering it for a very low price until distribution kicks in.

  1. 1. Dreamscape
  2. 2. Simplicity
  3. 3. Aerial Ballet
  4. 4. Sunset
  5. 5. Carried Away
  6. 6. Chill
  7. 7. Nocturne
  8. 8. REM
  9. 9. Suspended Reality
  10. 10. Soaking Up the Sun


Ethereal Encounter was released in 2012. I wanted this album to have a similar feel to Piano, but I didn’t want to be limited to Piano solos. This album has more of a mix of piano, instrumental and vocal music. It is enjoying a fair amount of airplay on Pandora and is available for download on this website as well as iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

Ethereal Encounter
  1. 1. Ethereal Encounter
  2. 2. Something in the Way
  3. 3. Breezes
  4. 4. A Love That’s Real
  5. 5. Wishful Thinking
  6. 6. I Think I’m in Love
  7. 7. Serenity
  8. 8. A Walk in the Clouds
  9. 9. Prelude
  10. 10. Reflections
  11. 11. Enchanted
  12. 12. Autumn
  13. 13. Leaving Heaven
  14. 14. Supernatural


Piano was released in 2010. It came as the result of some down time I had because of a short bout with cancer. While recovering from cancer surgery I found myself looking through manuscripts of music I had written and never done anything with. More information can be found on the Piano is available on this website, or at iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

Stormy Night
  1. 1. Stormy Night
  2. 2. Rain Dance
  3. 3. She’s Your Mother
  4. 4. Impromptu
  5. 5. Melancholy Moment
  6. 6. Wind Chimes
  7. 7. On the Move
  8. 8. Looking Back
  9. 9. Meditation
  10. 10. Feeling Good
  11. 11. Tuscany
  12. 12. Gymnopedie