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27 March 2019

New Album Dreamscape is now available

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I have just released a new album called, Dreamscape.  Similar to my previous albums, Dreamscape features soothing piano solos and lightly orchestrated instrumental songs designed to alleviate daily stress and take you to a dreamy world of relaxation.

For a limited time, I’m offering the album for the really low price of $4.99. If you play the piano and want the sheet music for the piano solos on the album, you can purchase the bundle for just $6.99. The album is being prepped for distribution and I’m going to offer this low price exclusively on my website until the album becomes available on mainstream platforms like iTunes and CDBaby.

You can listen to samples and purchase the album download at https://dancurtismusic.com/store-dreamscape.

While you’re there, please check out my live page. I have put together a new show that’s designed for small venues and house concerts. You can see a demo of the show on my website.

If you’re interested in hosting a live show, please email me at [email protected]